Quality Build: Elite Knight of Astora

Dark Souls Quality Build

Quality Build: Elite Knight of Astora

Elite Knight of Astora

This is the first short Dark Souls PvP build write-up of hopefully many to come. I choose this build because it is the build that I use the most myself. It is a basic quality build with no faith or intellect buffs as a matter of fact everything is really basic about this build; the Elite Knight Armor, the Claymore, the Estor, and even the Crest Shield are all very common items with a simple, direct playstyle that I am surprisingly enjoying a lot lately.

How to play with the Elite Knight

My personal favorite Quality build. The weapons of choice are The Claymore and The Estoc.

Using the Claymore is very straight forward (get it). The idea is to mostly poke away with the R2 with the surprisingly fast follow up R2 attack, most players will try to get an attack in after your R2 poke, so its usually a good idea to R2 into R2, causing your opponent to run into your second attack and from there you can usually finish the job with a R1 spam follow up, ensuring his death, if not for toggle-escapes.

If your opponent chooses to turtle, the unlocked two-handed R2 swings are very easy to dead-angle, just be wary of poise-stabs. On an extra note the Claymore running attack is a very good tool for dead angling as well.

The Estoc will be your supporting weapon, and not just for cheap finishers. I tend to favor an Estoc when facing enemies who wield weapons slower than Greatswords (Greatswords, Greataxes, Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers). The reason is that you can usually get an attack in and roll away before the opponent is able to retaliate. This poke method often results in parries for us because the enemy tends to get frustrated and starts anticipating your attacks, thus starting their attacks sooner and blindly in the hopes of catching you mid-attack. Mind games will ensue.

How to play against the Elite Knight

If playing against this exact build than your obvious advantage would be the lack of 53 poise which allows you to out-trade the Elite Knight with equal weapons, provided that you do hit the traditional 53-poise mark, however, this is rarely the case.

The real weakness in this quality build lies within its relatively weak trading capabilities. If the Claymore is 1handed, which it usually is because of its poking ability, than you will be able to out-trade it with 2handing your weapon and just R1 spam with most weapons, Katanas, Strength weapons being primarily good for this tactic.

As I just said the Elite Knight is a build that mainly utilizes poking to whither you down before going in for the kill, so it is advice-able to stay defensive and agile whilst recognizing patterns in your opponents game, then as the Elite Knight gets more confident from being on the offensive the whole time he will start playing more aggressive. Parry him.

Quality Build Variations

53 Poise
Heavy load


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